Blasting medium processing


The elevator is used on our machines to transport used abrasive from the blasting cubicle to the screening plant. For this purpose, the blasting agent is passed through a bucket elevator from the bottom of the plant to the top of the screening plant.


  • Input of used blasting media via screw conveyor.
  • Output of used abrasive into the sieve.
  • The elevator buckets are screwed firmly to the elevator belt by means of 2 cup screws. By further screws, the elevator belt is also connected to a loop.
  • The tightness of the belt is secured by 2 screws on the head of the elevator.
  • The ball bearings for the elevator belt are protected by a sheet metal and thus easily accessible for any maintenance work.
  • The motor of the belt is mounted on the head of the elevator and protected by a sheet of external influences.


Dust collector

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is fixedly mounted under the catch basin in the blasting cubicle and transports the blasting material just used, as well as radiated impurities from the catch basin directly into the elevator.

Process steps:

  • Entrance of the screw conveyor, where blasting media, dust and other particles fall into it.
  • Between the screw conveyor and the bucket elevator a connecting pipe is attached.
  • A sensor checks whether the conveyor is turning.


Media storage with screening plant / sieve (possible to work with various grain size media in one machine)

Screening Plant

In the screening plant, the used blasting medium supplied by the elevator is filled up fully automatically and cleaned of any impurities by a complex screening system. Too fine or too coarse abrasive is sorted out, so that in the end only recyclable blasting medium remains, which is passed back into the machine.

Process steps:

  • Supply of used abrasive from the elevator.
  • Output of unusable blasting material (too fine and / or dust).
  • Output of unusable abrasive (too coarse).
    Collection basin for reusable blasting medium (blasting medium thickness 850 – 1000 μm).


  • Gate valves
  • Mixing cup
  • Hoses for blasting machine
  • Inspection and maintenance window