Carousel (turn table) machine

Turntable systems (carousel / planetaric) enable targeted blasting of individual or several workpieces. The blasting is extremely uniform and also offers the possibility to partially radiate on the workpiece. The processing spectrum ranges from cleaning, deburring to shot peening. The dimensions of such systems depend on the dimensions of the workpieces and the desired cycle time. Thanks to the modular design, the system can be easily configured with 4 to 24 workpiece fixtures (satellites) and thus be operated fully automatically (single, series production). The integration into existing production lines and thus complete automation (for example robots, handling systems) make these systems universally applicable. All systems can be equipped with a clever abrasive preparation. These systems are available in injector, pressure or wet jet versions.

fully automated handling system
Carousel blasting machine KA 8/8 (e.g. with 8 satellites)
z-axis system
with fully automatic workpiece clamping system