Wet blasting

Wet blasting method

In the wet-jet process, the water-blasting-medium mixture is pumped to the blasting gun. This is accelerated by the air nozzle and thus hits the workpiece surface. This method is particularly suitable for processing sensitive, high-precision parts. It can be used for cleaning, paint stripping, stripping or shot peening. Therefore, this method is the first choice for explosive and combustible materials (aluminum, hafnium, magnesium, etc.). The big advantage over dry blast systems is that there is no dust development. The use of finest blasting mediums is enabled by this method.
The wet blasting system WA 5000 is the most advanced machine from Restec and is absolute state-of-the-art in the blasting market.

The Restec blasting process of the WA 5000 BRILLIANT

10 steps for perfect blasting results:

  1. The loading station automatically places a tray with your workpieces on the conveyor belt.
  2. 8 blasting guns blast the tray.
  3. The innovative Restec flat jet nozzle ensures uniform irradiation of the entire tray and creates an optimal surface structure.
  4. Rough cleaning of workpieces.
  5. The tray is lowered into the ultrasonic bath and cleaned.
  6. Fine cleaning (1) of the workpieces.
  7. Fine cleaning (2) of the workpieces.
  8. Fine cleaning (3) of the workpieces.
  9. The workpieces are dried and come out of the machine ready for packaging.
  10. The tray automatically moves to the unloading station.

Your advantages – our know-how

Your benefits at a glance:

  • All blasting processes integrated in one machine: blasting, cleaning, drying!
  • 24/7 machine runtime!
  • Fully automatic from loading to unloading.
  • 10 hermetically sealed cabins without abrasion.
  • All processes can be tracked and optimized on the control panel.
  • 2 independent blasting processes in one machine: round jet nozzles for precise edges and flat spray nozzles for the activation or de-coating process.
  • Special filter system ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • 4 cleaning stations ensure optimum cleaning immediately after blasting.

Our competent team will assist you with know-how and ensure that you receive the exact blasting results you expect from us.

Our know-how:

  • Over 40 years of blasting experience!
  • Restec machines are in use worldwide and prove their worth even under the most difficult conditions!
  • Our research and development brings your workpiece to maximum performance!